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Alternative and Holistic Healing and Teaching


We are available

to present talks for retreats, businesses, religious groups workshops, school and classroom settings.

We are well versed in over 20 topics

in relationship to faith, spirituality, religion, holistic healing, and history

A session includes a time of consultation regarding concerns medically, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Selecting between 1-3 essential oils for your personalized healing session where one or more modalities are used as Rieki, Healing Touch or Guided Meditation.

Seeking your Spiritual Path?

Have you been hurt by your faith tradition?

A spiritual director is non judgemental and is trained to listen to and assist an individual in reflection upon and discerning an individuals spiritual and religious situation and then give guidance in their decision making.



Valerie Johnson

I am about Wellness and Wholeness in Life, balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.

My purpose is to help guide others to become as healthy as possible by natural means. It is through sharing and educating as well as walking with and working with people wherever they are in their life journey!

 Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Guided Meditation leader, Reiki Master Teacher, Mandala Art Meditation Counselor and Grief Counselor including certification by RTS for infant and child loss.

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